About Buffalo Wild Wings: James Disbrows, from Buffalo New York, started this company in 1982 after realizing that everyone should be able to enjoy his home town’s favorite. This restaurant offers a casual dining experience and plenty of televisions to watch your favorite sport. They specialize in everything wings, including various types of sauces and flavors. Some of their unique options include spicy garlic, Asian zing, and Caribbean jerk.

Tips on a successful Buffalo Wild Wings Application:

In order to prove your ability to work at Buffalo Wild Wings, you need to be personal and engaging. It would also help if you high light any specific skills or experience when it comes to sports, or wings. These two factors are the heart of this restaurant and they rely on their workers to have knowledge about the things that make this sports bar special. On the availability to work section, you will want to put extra emphasis on any flexibility that you might have. You will also want to show that you have some week nights and weekends available because these tend to be the busiest times for the restaurant. Because so much emphasis is put on watching Sports, it would be beneficial if you could be available during popular sporting times (i.e Sundays during football season). If you are applying for a management position, you need to let the employer know what makes you a good leader. You can add any specific skills that would make you a good mentor, such as being able to communicate or explain things well.

What you can expect on a Buffalo Wild Wings Application:

On the Buffalo Wild Wings Application you will be asked about your personal information, availability to work, work history, education back ground, and any specific skills that qualifies you to work in the food or hospitality industry.

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What you should know before submitting a Buffalo Wild Wings Application:

The salaries at this restaurant are pretty much set which leaves little room for negotiation. However, they offer a decent pay compared to other restaurants and offer room to grow to higher up positions. You will also be expected to work during popular sporting events, like Monday Night Foot ball or March madness. There will also be times when business and slow, and times when business is hectic. Working in the restaurant industry is difficult for people who crack under pressure when they are time constrained. However, if you can handle the restaurant being busy- you can make a lot of money. Employees who are willing to work those weekends/week nights during sports seasons always walk away with a lot of money. There is little down time in between waiting tables and waiting for additional customers.

Why you’d want to submit a Buffalo Wild Wings Application:

Everyone that works for this restaurant is more than just an employee, they are a team member. Some of the most rewarding benefits of submitting a Buffalo Wild Wings Application and getting hired include the following:

  • Promotion from within- Buffalo Wild Wings believes in hiring employees from within in order to promote a work culture where workers thrive to work hard and be the best. Employees have the potential to start at the very bottom and make their way to the top. One of the best benefits about working at this restaurant is that if you have a hard working attitude, you will probably get hired. And if you continue with that attitude, your possibilities are endless.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Prescription Drug Insurance
  • 401k Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Management Referral Program
  • Short-term and long-term disability protection


In addition to benefits, Buffalo Wild Wings offers extensive training geared to help you become a success. This training program, called ‘This Way to Blazing-Hot Success’ incorporates both in-classroom and hands-on training. This will ensure that you feel comfortable and confident even before your first day.

Different positions to apply for on a Buffalo Wild Wings Application:

Some of the various positions to apply for at Buffalo Wild Wings include cashier, server, kitchen staff, bus boy/girl, dishwasher, cooks, and a range of management positions. As a cashier, you will be responsible for ringing up costumer’s orders and providing friendly and effective customer service. Employees at this position typically start at minimum wage, but there are plenty of growth opportunities in the kitchen and restaurant. The kitchen staff consists of prep cooks and cooks that typically get paid from $8 to $12 an hour while the bus boys and dish washers typically get paid minimum wage.

What you can expect after passing in your Buffalo Wild Wings Application:

There are some questions that are continuously asked on a BWW interview. They include:

  • How would you deal with a difficult customer?
  • Why Buffalo Wild Wings?

The employer will ask this question to get a feel about what you know about this restaurant and how you feel about it. Although it is a casual work environment than most jobs, refrain from making comments like ‘I’d like to watch sports while I work’. However, you could say something like ‘I’m passionate about sports and want to contribute to people enjoying the games while they get a bite to eat.’

  • How do you handle stressful environments?

You’ll be asked this question because business can get extremely busy during peak times, like during a major sporting event. The employer will want to know that you won’t get frazzled if you have to bust your but and serve multiple tables in a quick and efficient manner.

  • What is your availability like?

As previously mentioned, it is essential that you are free during popular sporting events.


Overall: I would recommend submitting a Buffalo Wild Wings application if you enjoy the restaurant industry and can handle a work environment that can be both slow and hectic. Other aspects you should seriously consider before submitting your Buffalo Wild Wings application is that there is little negotiation room when it comes to prices and you will be expected to work during peak sporting event times.



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